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#17th Notch In This Online Journal/The Growing Poor

jrf8886 Life is challenging especially for the poor when it comes to their economic survival. Their population is growing. Opportunities for them to find employment where they can sustain themselves, their families and contribute to the collective community is frustrating to say the least. Our economy is becoming more and more unequal. Many have given up searching for sustainable employment since in their day to day pursuit, nothing can be found. That is a hard assault on their wellbeing. Is this nation prepared for these difficulties? Take a tour through the public assistence offices and see all those tired, miserable people waiting and waiting and waiting for help. Some of the families with children try to hold it together as their children become restless. Depicting myself sitting there, if I am fortunate to get a seat amongst the many seeking help (there were times when I had to bring my own folding chair), my imagination forms a stressed and embittered person. I am sure many waiting there felt the same way. These are the times when change is needed.
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